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My baby benefited from the HBB+ programme!

I clenched my fists and tightly closed my eyes. Another contraction came and the process repeated itself. My eyes caught a sign hanging on the wall, which read: ‘Helping Babies Breathe’. In the midst of my pain, I smiled. I knew that sign very well.

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Every Newborn Deserves to Survive
When a baby failed to cry immediately after birth, nurse midwife Edith knew what to do. Using a penguin-shaped sucker she gently cleared mucus from the baby’s nose and mouth and massaged the newborn’s back hoping to stimulate spontaneous breathing.
Guide for Implementation of Helping Babies Breathe®
The Helping Babies Breathe programme is an evidence-based educational programme which teaches birth attendants in low-resource settings simple steps to resuscitate newborns unable to breathe at birth.


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