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Brutus Ndhlovu

Brutus Ndhlovu

Brutus Ndhlovu is the Mamaye Campaign's Project Officer. He is a member of the advocacy team. His main responsibility is recruiting, training and engaging activists.  Brutus is quite passionate about saving the lives of mothers and babies. He has a diploma in accounting.            

Biking for mothers and babies

“Every journey starts with a step “so they say. This is a remarkable journey of bicycle taxi riders known as Kabanza. These people have changed from using their bicycles as a commercial tool to start saving lives of mothers and babies.

MamaYe Has Done It Again!!

In its quest to involve everyone to take part in saving the lives of mothers and babies MamaYe campaign has recruited one of the prominent people in society as a national activist. Our newest activist is no other than Hon Juliana Lunguzi MP.

Midwives: the unsung heroes of Malawi

Midwives in government hospitals are our unsung heroes. Despite the challenges that they face, they try to do everything they can to ensure that lives are not lost. What is it that they do?

Reducing Maternal Deaths in Malawi

On April 6, 2014 Former President of Malawi Dr. Joyce Banda said that her government had done so much to improve the lives of mothers and babies. She said that Malawi has improved in reducing the deaths of mothers and new born babies during birth and that Malawi is a model country in the world as other countries are now coming to learn the interventions used to reduce maternal deaths.

Blood shortage: Don't fear to donate blood

Blood shortage worries government. Just under one third of blood needed in Malawi is being collected. There is a greater need to sensitize communities on the importance of blood donation. Adult males can donate blood every 3 months and woman every 4 months.