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QuIC training: rapid data transforming action

District, zone and national representatives joined MamaYe for a quality of institutional care (QuIC) training workshop. QuIC is a fast, low-cost approach that uses telephone-based data collection to inform improvements in quality of care.

Reaching people when and where you need to: How to use (and not use) mobile phones for health related messages

"Mobile phones are everywhere these days... It’s no wonder then that then that the health sectors have seized on mobile phones as a way to reach the communities that they serve." In this blog, Dr Judy Gold provides her top three ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ around using mobile phones for health messaging.

MamaYe Ghana's scorecards assessment concept

We are supporting an innovative community-based initiative that aims to improve maternal and newborn health by creating accountability at the health facility and district level using an innovative mHealth data collection system.

mHealth for Maternal and newborn health in resource-poor community & health system settings in Sierra Leone - Launch

Using mobile technologies for public health holds the promise of rapid gains in Sierra Leone, but whether this is just virtual or can become a reality is yet to be known.

Messages for Mothers: The Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) at Women Deliver

Read more about MAMA's announcement at Women Deliver, and learn more about how mobile messages can educate, empower, and engage mothers around the importance of family planning and help them make informed health decisions for themselves and their babies.