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Midwives partnering with journalists for stronger advocacy

Tanzanian Midwives Association’s (TAMA) Dr Sebalda Leshabari received special international recognition - the Midwives for All award. TAMA demonstrated superb leadership among stakeholders in, not only celebrating the profession, but also looking into the significance of midwifery profession to the mother, her family, the community and the nation.

MamaYe Has Done It Again!!

In its quest to involve everyone to take part in saving the lives of mothers and babies MamaYe campaign has recruited one of the prominent people in society as a national activist. Our newest activist is no other than Hon Juliana Lunguzi MP.

10 Cool Things MamaYe Sierra Leone Achieved in 2013

10 cool MamaYe successes of 2013. These are YOUR success too. We must continue to build momentum to ensure that MORE of our MOTHERS & BABIES survive childbirth in Sierra Leone.