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Persistence in the face of an emergency

We recently conducted an assessment of 10 health facilities to better gauge the preparedness of our clinics to handle the major spike in Ebola cases in Freetown and some health facilities remain open despite the myriad of challenges

Women and health professionals spark new cycle of improving maternal and newborn health

Women and health professionals spark new cycle of improving maternal and newborn health. This article is provided by University of Southampton

Identifying Disability in Children - An infographic on Child Development

Handicap International has developed a chart that helps to identify normal steps and potential delays in child development.

Looking for Evidence Advisor to provide Technical Inputs for MamaYe

Job Advert: E4A Evidence Advisor to provide Technical Inputs for MamaYe: Evidence for Action efforts in Sierra Leone

Teenage Pregnancy, Maternal mortality, and Vaccination initiatives in Sierra Leone

The health of women and girls is particularly important to national development; however in Sierra Leone, early pregnancy and teenage child bearing serve as a significant hindrance to the health, wellbeing, progress and empowerment of adolescent and young women.

LE 43,000. Is that all I am Worth?

12 years ago, African heads of State met in Abuja and committed to allocating 15% of their entire budgets to health spending. This was indicative of prioritizing health as an important factor to breaking the cycle of poverty. After all, as the good old saying goes, health is wealth.

Ten ways to save a million lives

Tackling malnutrition is crucial to accelerating progress in women’s and children’s health. The latest evidence on nutrition and maternal and newborn health has been gathered and summarised by the MamaYe team. On 8th June, world leaders, business people and donors signed the Global Nutrition for Growth Compact, an agreement to improve the nutrition of children and pregnant women, securing new commitments of up to US$4.15 billion to tackle undernutrition by 2020.

Africell Supports Launch Of MamaYe Campaign by Abdul R. Bedor

Africell, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation among other partners; on Friday 17th May, 2013 supported the MamaYe campaign to reduce maternal and child mortality at the British Council Hall, Tower Hill in Freetown.

MamaYe Sierra Leone Launches on May 17th

MamaYe is launching! Come and make your voice heard for Sierra Leone’s mothers and babies.