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Action to improve maternal and newborn health in Kaltungo

Learn how MamaYe is creating sustainability environment, which is very crucial to community ownership of maternal and newborn health improvement interventions.

Another MamaYe Super Activist breaks MNH barrier!

Monsurat has found a way to make pregnant women visit the health facility more than ever, to be delivered of their pregnancies. Her inspiration came from her readiness to take actions that will help pregnant women and newborns survive. Her cause has also inspired other people who are now helping her to deliver her inspiration.

Celebrating MamaYe Super Activists and blood donors in Nigeria

Many women require blood replacement while in labour, because excessive loss of blood (postpartum haemorrhage) has been identified to be one of the biggest causes of death for women in labour.

Mamaye Takes Maternal Campaign To Amuwo Odofin, Ori Ade LCDAs

MamaYe, in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Health is sensitising communities in Lagos State on improvement of maternal and newborn health in Lagos State.

Using scorecards to improve maternal and newborn health: the Lagos case

After we got the evidence around maternal and newborn health in health care facilities in Lagos State, we used the findings to help communities improve on their attitude towards the health of pregnant women and newborns by taking the action you are about to read in this story.

Tweet Story: MamaYe Community Campaign, Badagry, Lagos

The MamaYe movement continues to bring on board, communities from far and near to ensure that more people are taking action to save the lives of pregnant women and newborns in Nigeria. We bring you an example from Badagry, Lagos State.

"I am the luckiest to be a MamaYe Super Activist!"

Read what a MamaYe Super Activist has said has been responsible for the many deaths of pregnant women in his village.

Raising super humans for maternal and newborn health

Superman, Spiderman, Captain America are all screen heros. At MamaYe, we are raising Super Humans that will challenge the status quo and demand action and accountability for the improvement of the quality of health of pregnant women and newborns.

MamaYe Koinadugu Advocacy Group Joins DHMT to prevent measles spread

The MamaYe Koinadugu Advocacy Group has joined the District Health Management Team (DHMT) in Koinadugu district in their advocacy campaign to contain the further spread of measles in the district.

Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality - it makes sense

It’s International Women's Day today. As a woman, I know the story. As an activist, I know it is more than rhetoric. As a human I ask WHY!! We should not even have to ask for this.