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Evidence Identity Design Engagement: how MamaYe uses design to catalyse change

Announcing the publication of the latest addition to the MamaYe library, Evidence Identity Design Engagement. Setting out a selection of creative assets, including infographics, posters and scorecards, the book describes how evidence-based design can catalyse change.

Kabaza Mamaye Activists Cycle for Mothers Day!

Creativity hit the kabaza cyclists and they thought of cycling to Mchinji in a bid to raise K5 million. This is 120km from Lilongwe, a journey that takes slightly over an hour by road.

MamaYe Has Done It Again!!

In its quest to involve everyone to take part in saving the lives of mothers and babies MamaYe campaign has recruited one of the prominent people in society as a national activist. Our newest activist is no other than Hon Juliana Lunguzi MP.

Now let's save 18,000 lives in the next 600 days

If the commitments to implement the Sharpened One Plan are honoured, then we could save the lives of 18,000 mothers and babies by the end of next year.

Student4Change Mobile Project

These students in Freetown want safe water for all mothers and babies across Sierra Leone. They managed to get over 500 signatures to call on policy makers to make safe water available for all mamas and babies in Sierra Leone.

Unity & One Wod

The people of Kormosilaiasure are a proud people who embrace the mottos of ‘unity’ and ‘one wod’, meaning togetherness, to heart.

MamaYe joins NSBS to celebrates World Blood Donor Day 2014

MamaYe in collaboration with National Safe Blood Services celebrated World Blood Donor Day in Makeni on June 14th.

Newborn Health - Surviving the First Day

Joanna Tom Kargbo, Everyone Campaign manager from Save the Children Sierra Leone speaks about the Save the Children organized newborn forum held this afternoon, Wednesday June 12th in freetown.