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Midwives, Mothers and Partners; a partnership for life

Building a strong partnership among midwives, mothers and partners in maternal and newborn health builds a healthy community and nation.

Midwives, Mothers, Families: Partners for Life!

We join the rest of the world to celebrate midwives, not only in Nigeria but across the globe. MamaYe is very proud of the works that midwives are doing, as their partnership with the families of pregnant women is very important to improve maternal and newborn health statistics.

Not your average Midwife

Ben is a 56-year-old father of seven. Since starting to work in Bungoma County, Kenya in 1988, he has assisted in the delivery of approx. 5,000 babies.

The role of multi-disciplinary teams in maternal death surveillance and response

Midwives partnering with journalists for stronger advocacy

Tanzanian Midwives Association’s (TAMA) Dr Sebalda Leshabari received special international recognition - the Midwives for All award. TAMA demonstrated superb leadership among stakeholders in, not only celebrating the profession, but also looking into the significance of midwifery profession to the mother, her family, the community and the nation.

Sierra Leone to receive $10 million dollar loan from IDB to improve maternal and child health services

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation will soon receive $10million dollars loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in order to provide quality health care services for women and children in Bombali, Kenema and Koinadugu districts.

How ‘QUIC’ helped bring a midwife at Bua Health Center

“I felt bad seeing patients languishing in labour pains simply because I was alone here. And by that time I had not acquired basic training in midwifery. All I can say is thank you MamaYe for bringing a midwife to Bua health center,” said Moses Chimtembo, Bua Health Center Medical Assistant.

Stillbirth: drawing back the veil

'Call off strike for the sake of pregnant women' - MamaYe Ghana appeals to doctors

Friday, 7th August, 2015, Accra:-The MamaYe! Advocacy Coalition has called on the leadership of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and the Ministry of Health to quickly find an amicable solution to the impasse over the latter’s conditions of service for the sake of pregnant women and newborns.

Speaking for mothers who do not have a voice

I got the idea to write this article at 4: am in the morning, I had to accompany my neighbor to a health centre because she was in labour.