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Sierra Leone to receive $10 million dollar loan from IDB to improve maternal and child health services

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation will soon receive $10million dollars loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in order to provide quality health care services for women and children in Bombali, Kenema and Koinadugu districts.

Religion, rights and politics clash over Sierra Leone abortion bill

When she was 15, long before she became gender adviser to Sierra Leone's president, Naasu Fofanah was raped by her church pastor. With her mother's help, she had an abortion, a decision she does not regret, even though it involved breaking the law.

Calling on politicians to increase health sector budget

So, as the mid- term budget review meeting of the 46th session of parliament is underway in the Capital Lilongwe, we are calling on parliamentarians to consider revising upward the health sector budget.

Hidden victims of the Ebola crisis: BBC News

MamaYe Sierra Leone's Country Director, Dr Mohamed Yilla appears on this powerful piece on the BBC News to demand investment in health systems to mitigate against future outbreaks.

Warnings over Collapse of Health System in the Wake of Ebola in Sierra Leone

Prior to the outbreak there were signs of progress in the country’s public health operation, which are now under threat.

mHealth for Maternal and newborn health in resource-poor community & health system settings in Sierra Leone - Launch

Using mobile technologies for public health holds the promise of rapid gains in Sierra Leone, but whether this is just virtual or can become a reality is yet to be known.

Spending on Health: How to Achieve the MDGs

A recent report shows that increased spending has helped developing countries progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Are governments keeping their commitments on health spending, to make sure that mothers and babies get the care they need?