E4A-MamaYe is about making life-saving changes for Africa’s mothers and babies
Early detection of Sepsis
Have you visited a public health facility and wondered why it looks so unclean and disorganised?
Urgent need to prioritise maternal and newborn health in the media

MamaYe continues to push for good representation of maternal and newborn health (MNH) reporting in the news.

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More funds for health in Bungoma

E4A-Mama Ye Kenya will be happy to support the MOH and other Civil Society Organisations in realising this core component of the budget making process.

SDGs: "Accelerating protection & empowerment"

That’s a significant target, within just one of the aspirational Global Goals that were adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2015. It is also a target that is integral to our work at E4A-MamaYe as we advocate for African leaders to ensure that no mother or baby is left behind.

18 hours 37 min ago
Parliaments have critical role in oversight & accountability & responsibilities to ensure adolescents’ health & rights #EWECisME #SDGs
20 hours 12 min ago
Millions of women & children's lives could be saved each year w/more investments in #midwifery education & retentio… https://t.co/Sfx9CSaYua
20 hours 17 min ago
No-one should be denied their rights to #water #sanitation. But millions are. Govts must achieve #SDGs for everyone… https://t.co/COzFHxHYdt
20 hours 19 min ago
"Political commitment is the key to #UniversalHealthCoverage"- Read Gro Brundtland's op-ed @TheElders https://t.co/ORy78ZS0cI #EWECisME
20 hours 37 min ago
The #UHC movement must be ongoing & citizen-led. Commit to action, hold leaders accountable, demand #HealthForAll!
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How are we driving impactful change to ensure we are on track to achieve the @UN's goals by 2030? #SDGs #UNGA72… https://t.co/04fgMOGn2d
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Make UHC work for adolescents! Don’t leave them behind in the #SDGs https://t.co/jjIrEscCeI #EWECisME
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1.2 bn strong &key to sustainable world we want: where’s the accountability to adolescents? Report here https://t.co/J1Z0eLBrEu #SDGs