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MamaYe mobilise women in Koinadugu district to ask for quality health care

MamaYe’s Koinadugu Advocacy Group mobilised the women of Kabala Township on International Women’s Day (March 8) to join partners in advocating for quality of health care for women and babies in the district. The theme for this year is “Be Bold for Change”.

Pregnant women must always go for checks – Dr. Zhu

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at the Jui Friendship hospital Dr. Zhu Yu Ying has said that pregnant women must always go for medical checks to avoid complications during delivery.

What progress looks like for Primary Health Care Under One Roof in Nigeria

A robust primary health care (PHC) system has been described as important to achieving Universal Health Coverage, but we cannot stop at that. This is why MamaYe is working assiduously towards implementing the policy that will drive the system to success.

Int'l Women's Day 2017: how 1st female commissioner in Bauchi State was bold for change

Dr. Hannatu Ibrahim held several 'first female' positions. As we celebrate the International Women's Day 2017, she shares her experience on when, as a woman, she had to be bold to be successful in the positions.

Int’l Women’s Day 2017: Bold nurse learns the ways of traditional birth attendants

Commemorating the International Women's Day 2017, we share the bold story of a skilled health worker who took a bold step to learn why many pregnant women do not survive in the hands of traditional birth attendants.

Read Mrs Toyin Saraki's inspiring speech at the MamaYe Day 2017

March 2nd 2017 was this year's MamaYe Day celebration and we were honoured and inspired by the presence of the wife of the Senate President of Nigeria and the Global Ambassador for the International Confederation of Midwives, Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Saraki.

This is why TBAs are advocating for skilled birth attendants!

If this were a movie, this story would be a twisted plot, a point of crisis with an unpredictable resolution. Traditional Birth Attendants make money from delivering pregnant women of their babies, but now they are referring their 'customers' to the hospital. Why, and what happens next?

Photostory: How far can collaboration go to improve maternal and newborn health?

As a catalytic organisation, we have positively and successfully rallied civil society organisations to join the MamaYe movement and push for the improvement of maternal and newborn health with every opportunity available to them. We are happy to highlight in pictures, our CSOs and their contributions so far. Take a view.

How can we make health clinics safe for pregnant women?

Having a health system that works to reduce needless and avoidable deaths of pregnant women and newborns can work when we all take actions, just like this group in Bauchi State is doing, giving hope to families and communities.

Health ministry kicks-off data collection exercise for a comprehensive list of health facilities Sierra Leone

The Directorate of Policy, Planning and Information, Ministry of Health and Sanitation has started a survey called "Service Availability and Readiness Assessment (SARA)" which will provide a starting point for the development and validation of a comprehensive master list of health facilities across the country