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Maternal and newborn health accountability investigators on the prowl!

Across Nigeria, journalists are publishing reports that are re-shaping maternal and newborn health issues. We contribute to their efforts through trainings that can make their reporting more impactful.

How is advocacy making the government respond to MNH issues?

More people are taking action to demand maternal and newborn health rights from the government. We have seen success in certain states in Nigeria where the government is allocating more than 15% of their total budget to health. We take a look at how to work more to replicate the success in one state in another.

One of the world's most urgent issues

Lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene remains one of the worlds most urgent issues. For the E4A-MamaYe programme this is especially relevant.

What progress looks like for Primary Health Care Under One Roof in Nigeria

A robust primary health care (PHC) system has been described as important to achieving Universal Health Coverage, but we cannot stop at that. This is why MamaYe is working assiduously towards implementing the policy that will drive the system to success.

Int'l Women's Day 2017: how 1st female commissioner in Bauchi State was bold for change

Dr. Hannatu Ibrahim held several 'first female' positions. As we celebrate the International Women's Day 2017, she shares her experience on when, as a woman, she had to be bold to be successful in the positions.

Int’l Women’s Day 2017: Bold nurse learns the ways of traditional birth attendants

Commemorating the International Women's Day 2017, we share the bold story of a skilled health worker who took a bold step to learn why many pregnant women do not survive in the hands of traditional birth attendants.

Fearless and courageous for the women of Nigeria

“For me #BeBoldForChange means being fearless and courageous in the work I do – to tell it as it is!

Meet Claudia Temple - MamaYe Super Activist, Sierra Leone

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, ec

MamaYe Super Activist - Bold for Change on International Women's Day

E4A-MamaYe is delighted to work with women who are doing a remarkably bold job in advocating for the well-being of pregnant mothers.

This is why TBAs are advocating for skilled birth attendants!

If this were a movie, this story would be a twisted plot, a point of crisis with an unpredictable resolution. Traditional Birth Attendants make money from delivering pregnant women of their babies, but now they are referring their 'customers' to the hospital. Why, and what happens next?