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Scorecards show performance of health budget and provision of MNH services in Lagos State!

Lagos State Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health is a state-led accountability mechanism supported by MamaYe Nigeria to produce and disseminate health budget and maternal and newborn health care services scorecards. The scorecards show how the State is performing on healthcare budgeting, budget participation, transparency and release, and highlight the level of availability of life-saving commodities at healthcare facilities in Lagos State.

QuIC training: rapid data transforming action

District, zone and national representatives joined MamaYe for a quality of institutional care (QuIC) training workshop. QuIC is a fast, low-cost approach that uses telephone-based data collection to inform improvements in quality of care.

HBA Transparency Scorecard will improve budget efficiency, accountability- Nkhata Bay district commissioner

“What we have learnt today is a very important tool in the budget formulation, disbursement and implementation. This HBA Transparency Scorecard will make us work hard while striving to deliver positive results in the way we handle the health sector budget and of course other sector budgets”

Partners adopt MamaYe evidence toolkit during a one day capacity building workshop

We recently hosted a capacity building workshop to orientate our close partners on how to use the MamaYe branding guidelines and evidence package.

New distance learning radio programme to strengthen knowledge, trust and use of health services in Sierra Leone and Liberia

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative invited MamaYe to participate in a workshop designing a distance learning radio programme. The radio programme will aim to strengthen health promotion and other skills of community volunteers to promote RMNCH issues in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Scaling up: nine more districts in Sierra Leone to have QuIC FIT quality of care data

Bockarie Sesay, MamaYe Evidence Advisor, reports on a two-week QuIC FIT orientation visit conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

Visualising African budgets

Budgets can be hard to understand without expert knowledge, making it difficult to establish how much has been allocated to health. Visualisation tools can make this easier, by transforming budget figures into easily-understandable graphs and figures.

MamaYe debuts short film for saving lives!

We have taken the route of movie making to support our quest to bring everyone together to make a life-saving change for mothers and babies.

Youth! Act for Salone's Future

MamaYeSL calls for young leaders!  Are you a passionate change agent?  Are you a leader in your community? Are you a student who believes in the welbodi of our mothers and babies in Salone?

Legislation for MDRs: Policy Brief

The purpose of this policy briefing is to provide information on the importance of adopting a supportive legislative and policy framework for the effective implementation of maternal death reviews (MDRs) in Sierra Leone.