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Morooph Babaranti

Morooph Babaranti

Morooph Babaranti is the Communications Specialist on MamaYe for Evidence for Action in Nigeria. Through social and traditional media, he is responsible for reaching out with evidence and advocacy content to engage policy makers and empower the general public to demand commitment and accountability from the leaders to improve maternal and newborn health.

Morooph has up to eight years’ experience working in various communication-related areas like script writing and movie production, copywriting and general advertising, graphics and print, internet news production, webcasting and new media production for health systems development and corporate organisations.

Having skills in all these areas has given him an edge in combining most of the communication aspects as a uniform tool for delivering desired communication objectives. Morooph has a BA in Communication and Language Arts from Nigeria's premier University of Ibadan, a Certificate in General Advertising from Orange Academy in Lagos, Nigeria, a Certificate in Knowledge Management from IMA International, London, and a Certificate in Using Media for Development from Radio Nederlands Training Centre (RNTC), the Netherlands.


What this midwife is doing to save lives will inspire you!

Influenced by MamaYe Super Activists, Hasana realised that being a midwife, she actually could do something to improve the health of pregnant women and newborns. Her action is quite simple, but good enough to help many pregnant women.

World Radio Day - the truth, the power, the influence

Read the story behind how MamaYe Nigeria combined radio with other advocacy efforts to secure the commitment of Bauchi State government to allocate 15% of the State's total budget to health, making the State currently the only one with such budgetary allocation to health.

Iyaloja of Lagos champions advocacy for mothers and newborns

She has how many millions of market women under her in the whole of Lagos State? Now she will be taking action by rallying millions of market women under her towards improving maternal and newborn health in Lagos State. What an interesting time!

MamaYe lights up Ningi community in Bauchi!

MamaYe is a bride loved by all and sundry, and that accounts for the level of acceptability that the campaign has enjoyed so far. The story of our successful launch in Ningi LGA in Bauchi State will inspire a feeling of love and readiness to help pregnant women and newborns survive, even if it is by giving a pint of blood. Everybody can play a role.

Nigerian in London School develops app to diagnose birth asphyxia

Birth asphyxia is one of the top 3 causes of infant mortality in Africa, causing the death of about 1.2 million infants and severe life-long disabilities. "If newborns who have asphyxia can be detected early enough, we may be able to save their lives"

Scorecards show performance of health budget and provision of MNH services in Lagos State!

Lagos State Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health is a state-led accountability mechanism supported by MamaYe Nigeria to produce and disseminate health budget and maternal and newborn health care services scorecards. The scorecards show how the State is performing on healthcare budgeting, budget participation, transparency and release, and highlight the level of availability of life-saving commodities at healthcare facilities in Lagos State.

Can investigative journalism help achieve change for MNH?

While investigative journalism has helped unravel corruption and redress public office affairs at different levels, we want to see if it can help in unravelling the reasons our government is not fulfilling promises made to improve the lives of pregnant women and newborns.

Raising super humans for maternal and newborn health

Superman, Spiderman, Captain America are all screen heros. At MamaYe, we are raising Super Humans that will challenge the status quo and demand action and accountability for the improvement of the quality of health of pregnant women and newborns.

MamaYe leaves Abiye, but the legacy continues!

We had a glorious moment recounting working with policy makers and community people in Ondo State to add values to existing efforts to stem the high rate of maternal and newborn mortality in Ondo State.

Pregnant and homeless - the IDP camp baby bump

Ijeoma explores the plight, happiness, fears and hopes of women who became pregnant while on the Internally Displaced Persons' camp, the effect that their pregnancies may have on the statistics of maternal and newborn health and attainment of SDGs in Nigeria.