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Chiku Lweno-Aboud

Chiku Lweno-Aboud

Chiku Lweno-Aboud is the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator for Evidence for Action in Tanzania. She has worked in communications field for over a decade  and is experienced in managing various communication tools through different platforms: including, publications, the internet, mainstream media and events to reach targeted and general audiences.

Chiku has a background in Journalism, working as a news anchor with the Independent Television Limited (ITV). She worked in the the private and public sector, local and international organisations, involved in advocacy, Public Relations, marketing, events management and general community engagement initiatives.

In her career, Chiku  has worked with Tanzania Association of NGOs (TANGO); International School of Tanganyika (IST); PricewaterhouseCoopers Tanzania; Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA); FEMINA HIP; the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)/Embassy of Switzerland; the World Bank and Sikiliza Dar es Salaam initiative run by Twaweza. Drawing from her years of experience and expertise, Chiku will be working closely with the Country Director to ensure successful delivery of E4A communications and advocacy strategy in Tanzania.


Mama Ye! celebrates radio journalists

This week the World Radio Day (February 13t) was celebrated globally in numerous ways. At Mama Ye! we add our voice to applaud a commendable job of the journalists we have worked with in Tanzania.

"Pisha njia, kwa sababu kila sekunde ni muhimu"--madereva wa gari za wagonjwa

I sat in a small conference room at Amana Regional Hospital with about 20 ambulance drivers. These men wake up every morning not knowing what emergency case(s) they will deal with that day.

Time for a 'Girls' Takeover'

It’s the International Day of the Girl. Much as there is a lot of rhetoric, I have come to value these special days since issues are brought into the spotlight, new data revealed, strategies elaborated and the girls, if they are at the right place at the right time, they get to know about global and national trends that are set to impact their lives.

Tanzanian youth want more involvement in development planning

Politicians were well aware that 50 percent of the Tanzanian population is aged between 18 and 32. Mama Ye! joined the Tanzania Coalition for Access to Contraception in collaboration with the Union of Tanzanian Press Clubs to document pledges from members of parliament across the country, representing all political parties.

Celebrities, politicians, corporate employees join blood donation campaign

In Dar es Salaam the Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda has urged the residents to be an example for donating the biggest number of units of blood. Throughout the country public figures, politicians and ordinary people are donating blood. The single largest cause of maternal deaths is haemorrhaging. Should there be ready blood supply many lives could be saved.