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Mwereti Kanjo

Mwereti Kanjo

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Water that erodes maternal hope away...

Malawi is in a state of disaster. Floods have hit different parts of the country and have left thousands destitute. While we appreciate that a lot are suffering, where does this leave a pregnant woman and issues of maternal and newborn health.

Pregnancy shopping list...

You are pregnant and in your third trimester. You have done your shopping but are not sure if you have everything ready for the hospital. Here is a basic shopping check list for you and your baby’s comfort stay in the hospital...

Facing the Giants..

With the introduction of the MamaYe Clubs in the districts, the biggest question from most partners, community members and all else has been: Can students, who have never been pregnant, educate women on issue of pregnancy and childbirth? Is this not abomination?

Make Mothers and Babies a Priority

With just a few days to go to election day, our leaders need to tell us how they intend to improve the survival of mothers and babies in Malawi. We need to see it that they have made maternal and newborn health a priority in their agenda

Silver Strikers saving lives of mothers

Probably the first of its kind in Malawi. Silver Strikers Football Club organised a football match against retired players at its stadium, for mothers and babies. The game ended 3-1 in favour of the TNM Champions League holders. However, the retired side did not make it easy for them.

Mchinji does it again... 284 Units Collected

Mchinji District Team has done it again. 284 units of blood have been collected in a two weeks campaign that they held. This is a huge success story that cannot go unnoticed. What is their secret?

Presidential running mates commit to saving mothers and babies

MamaYe Malawi was privileged to attend the Presidential Running Mates Debate where tough questions were asked. The different political parties have made commitments to how they are going to save the lives of mothers and babies. Do their responses bring hope or create more worry. Find out!

MamaYe Malawi Celebrates International Day of Rural Women!

MamaYe Malawi celebrates International Day of Rural Women! Rural women play a critical role in the rural economies of both developed and developing countries through their activities to agriculture and rural enterprises which contribute to local and global economies. But they are disadvantaged in accessing emergency obstetric and neonatal care, because of geography, local support, autonomy, culture, finance, and ergonomics. This contributes to higher maternal mortality rates.

Gone without a trace...

The death of a newborn baby is not a real death, so they say. But this is very unfortunate. When a baby dies and nobody is held accountable, how do we expect to save the next life? This is the story of Anna’s son who died while getting a bath.

49 Years of Independence: more mothers and babies saved

Today we can celebrate multiparty politics, freedom of speech and free primary school education just to mention a few. But for me, after everything that I have learnt in the last year, one of the biggest achievements we need to make noise about is the increase in the number of mothers and babies that have survived childbirth.