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Louise Hulton

Louise Hulton

Louise Hulton leads the six-country Evidence for Action (E4A) programme which has launched MamaYe!  She is an expert in Quality of Care in Maternity Services, and as a demographer and statistician has extensive international experience of leading maternal health programmes. On behalf of Options, Louise has responsibility for ensuring that the E4A country teams use sound and effectively packaged evidence to enable and inform communication and accountability strategies.

Louise is passionate about improving quality of care for pregnant women and their babies, having worked first as a volunteer in British maternity services; as the lay chair of a maternity services improvement committee; a non-executive director and international consultant specialising in reproductive, maternal and newborn health.

Louise gained her PhD at Southampton University in Quality of Care in Maternity Services. She attended St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge University and was a Kennedy Memorial Trust Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and School of Public Health.  

African Health Stats - because data is power!

After months of careful gathering of the data, deciding the indicators, testing the codes, designing how the numbers will be translated into graphs and maps, consulting with governments across Africa, a new website - www.africanhealthstats.org is finally here.

Prematurity matters - we must act now

Today we celebrate World Prematurity Day. Prematurity matters because babies born too soon are so vulnerable to death or disability. If leaders are serious about reducing the number of newborns who die in their countries they will take prematurity very seriously. The solutions are now well known and relatively low technology. Why is progress so slow?

What value does your life hold?

You wouldn’t be alone if you thought that understanding global health financing is a little outside of your comfort zone. But underneath all those figures, is a story of how governments, philanthropists and donors value lives. Who is worth the investment this year when they set their budgets?

Evidence is at the heart of a revolution for women and children

The field of maternal, newborn and child health can be hard to follow. So many acronyms - it’s like alphabetti spaghetti! In this blog, I want to pick out two acronyms for special attention because they are at the heart of our new revolution for women and babies.

Where are all the midwives?

When I gave birth, the most important person in the room, after my husband, was my midwife, Mary. Her midwifery skills gave me and my family the best start in life.