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Mohamed Yilla

Mohamed Yilla

Dr. Mohamed Yilla is Country Director leading the E4A efforts in Sierra Leone. Mohamed has a clinical background in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with a longstanding interest in healthcare management around maternal health working with a Scottish charity for several years and the NHS Public Health unit, where as a ‘change agent’ he has facilitated quality improvements around service delivery for maternal health. He has been strongly involved in shaping health policy and has contributed to the development of the Department of Health UK-Government wide strategy for Global Health, as well as working with key political figures including Parliamentarians and Health Ministers to improve health in Sierra Leone. Having strong roots in Sierra Leone gives him an added motivation to ensure country ownership of E4A’s success and this remains a compelling moral imperative that drives his passion for improving Maternal and Newborn health.

A Thank You from Evidence for Action-MamaYe!

As we come to the end of 2015, a pivotal year for Sierra Leone and the global health agenda, I want to personally thank you for your partnership with Options Sierra Leone and the Evidence for Action MamaYe campaign programme.

Isolated heroes cannot stop the Ebola outbreak alone

Weakened health systems are a global concern. Poor countries and their isolated heroes should not be left alone in the fight against deadly and virulent viruses.

Welcome to our MamaYe website

I begin with OUR, because this website is about all of us uniting to take individual and collective action to improve health care for our mothers and babies in Sierra Leone. Why a website you may ask in a country were digital penetration may not be very high? The answer is simple; we want to consolidate and place all evidence in the form of reports, statistics, surveys while also highlighting the good work our partners, communities and individuals do, in one centralised space, in this case, the space is virtual.

What has Sierra Leone's Government pledged for mothers and babies?

What has the Sierra Leonean Government pledged to do to save the lives of our mothers and babies? Below we outline some of the public pledges made by the Government at International events. MamaYe will be working with our communities to make sure these pledges are met.