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Sowo  Lebbie

Sowo Lebbie

Sowo Lebbie has a strong public health background with over ten years experience working with International Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in public health fields and over five years experience in programme management in the field of child survival and development. She has been involved in advocacy efforts at all levels (community, district and national) particularly helping to shape the strategic maternal and child health reference policy document in Sierra Leone and internationally. Sowo was also a core team member in developing and implementing the maternal and child health package interventions in Koinadugu district which has scaled up in other parts of the country. As a mother of three beautiful children, understanding and contributing to changing the health landscape for mothers and newborns is of great importance to Sowo; in her opinion, every mother and her child deserve to survive and thrive.


Amazing skills of Lab Liaison Officers (LLOs) with support from PHE Laboratory

At the peak of the Ebola outbreak, Options and the Laboratory Technical Working Group (LTWG) identified the need for quick access to laboratory data and outcome of EVD test results to health facilities. This was essential for prompt decision making on actions to stop further spread of the disease.

New distance learning radio programme to strengthen knowledge, trust and use of health services in Sierra Leone and Liberia

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative invited MamaYe to participate in a workshop designing a distance learning radio programme. The radio programme will aim to strengthen health promotion and other skills of community volunteers to promote RMNCH issues in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

MamaYe’s districts lead activists continue to inspire and mobilise local communities

MamaYe's DLAs play a very important role in mobilising their local communities to act to save the lives of mothers and babies. On 14th July, MamaYe's DLAs met in Freetown to share their success stories and plan their activities with the MamaYe team.

The 43rd Performance Based Financing Course in Sierra Leone: “Somebody who works more, is rewarded more”

This blog is written by MamaYe's Advocacy Advisor, Sowo Lebbie. She reports on the perfomance based financing (PBF) course she recently attended in Bo City, and discusses the opportunities of the PBF model for post-Ebola recovery in Sierra Leone.

Communities in Bonthe Island and Koinadugu Take Action for Better Health Services

Emergencies like Ebola demand that everyone plays their part. But sometimes, people don’t know what they can do or have access to the information they need. How can we help women regain trust in their local facilities?

Community Action is Supporting the Ebola Response in Bonthe District

Since the Ebola outbreak in May 2014, Bonthe has reported the least number of confirmed Ebola cases. There is no doubt that strategies put in place by Bonthenians and health workers have contributed to the containment of the disease.

MamaYe is Strengthening the Community Response for Safe Clinics in Bonthe

It was a great joy for the people of Bonthe island to have MamaYe and its implementing partners engage local communities in discussion around making their clinics safe for mothers and babies in the current Ebola context.

Koinadaugu - the last district to report an Ebola Case

Koinadugu is one of the northern districts in northern Sierra Leone bordering with Guinea. Since the Ebola outbreak in May, Koinadugu is the last district to quite recently report an Ebola case. Read more about how they were able to prevent an Ebola outbreak in their district for so long and have strng sysmtes in place to mitigate te outbreak.

The power of safe clinic assessment results: Medicos Del Mundo using Facility Improvement Team Assessment results to raise water and sanitation standards

The power of safe clinic assessment results: Medicos Del Mundo using Facility Improvement Team Assessment results to raise water and sanitation standards

MamaYe Activists help in the fight against Ebola in Koinadugu District

Koinadugu district, where MamaYe activists have been working, is the only district that has not reported an Ebola case since the outbreak. It is important to note why.