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Austine Adeyemo

Austine Adeyemo

Adeyemo Austine Olufemi is a public health implementer with vast experience in health management and bio-statistics. He is a Medical Microbiologist with thirteen years of experience in implementing health programs. He has worked with reputable organizations like Population Councils, CEDPA, Pathfinder and Safe Blood for Africa Foundation in Nigeria to implement national and community projects through conducted research and monitoring and evaluation strategies. Austine comes from a strong background in data/information gathering and he is most comfortable around numbers as it makes him feel at home. Austine is a strategic thinker with an innovative mind and his achievements are continually driven by change and enabling possibilities. He also has a deep passion for innovation and the arts. In his spare time he likes to present health programs for radio stations.

Improving the health of adolescents in Sierra Leone

The health of women and girls is particularly important to national development; however in Sierra Leone, early pregnancy and teenage child bearing serve as a significant hindrance to the health, wellbeing, progress and empowerment of adolescent and young women.

Preventing infections at births can save lives

For Sierra Leone to achieve MDGs 4 (reduce child mortality), simple hygiene and umbilical cords cleaning approach by using 7.1% chlorhexidine can prevent thousands of newborns from infection and such save more lives.