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Evidence-based positive reporting saved lives in Mzimba and Machinga districts

Not only does negative stories lead to selling more newspapers. Positive reporting sells even MORE of them. Find out more from this article.

TA Jalasi, taking a multi- sectoral approach to ending maternal deaths

Everyone is being involved in maternal and newborn health in TA Jalasi, Mangochi. Check this out.

MamaYe activists saving lives in Mangochi

Activism is for newborn babies and pregnant women is real in Malawi. Check out what activists are doing in TA Nankumba in saving the lives of mothers and babies.

The role of teachers in reducing maternal mortality

This is the story of Magdalene Mbando, a retired teacher who has helped to shape the lives of Malawian teenagers for 39 years. Teachers in Malawi have the opportunity to help improve maternal health by working with our adolescents and to help youths return to school after childbirth.

A marvel of a youth club: MamaYe in Mchinji

Mamaye Club in Mchinji is one of a kind. With over 50 members, the club is determined to make a difference in the field of maternal and newborn health in the village and surrounding areas. Here is the story.