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Bettie  Namale

Bettie Namale

Bettie Namale is a Public Engagement Officer. She is responsible for providing support to the development and implementation of the public engagement strategy under the Mamaye Campaign. She believes if a person is determined to achieve something, then that person is able to influence others, in this case, in the movement of improving the survival of mothers and babies in Malawi. Bettie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science (Social Work) from The Catholic University of Malawi.


Fighting High Maternal Mortality Rate in Developing Countries: Battle for a solution-Malawian case study

This is a book whose content is derived from a research study entitled “exploratory research of government health policy with special reference to high maternal mortality rate in Malawi”. It highlights the process taken to identify the major cause of persistent high maternal mortality rate in Malawi and solutions that would reduce the trend.

Kabaza Mamaye Activists Cycle for Mothers Day!

Creativity hit the kabaza cyclists and they thought of cycling to Mchinji in a bid to raise K5 million. This is 120km from Lilongwe, a journey that takes slightly over an hour by road.

What I have learnt as a Youth during the Breastfeeding Week

Today marks the end of the Worlds Breast Feeding Week which was from 1st to 7th August. I must say I have learnt a lot knowing how important it is to breast feed.

The Youth: One Base for Malawi's Development

Today is World population Day with the theme, Investing in Young people: Key to development. What comes to my mind: Healthy and vibrant young people, especially girls free from sexual violence, early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, early pregnancies, unsafe abortions, free from HIV, free from maternal deaths or disability due to childbirth.

MamaYe congratulates Prof. Address Malata and Prof. Ellen Chirwa

MamaYe congratulates Professor Address Malata and Professor Ellen Chirwa as the University of Malawi recognized their achievement as they have risen to the risen to the highest academic rank as well as introduce them to the nation at large.

Capacity building on conducting village blood collection: What is that all about?

It was a busy day on 20th June 2014 at Crossroads Hotel as there was a capacity building on how to conduct a village blood collection to different stakeholders to take place. How did this come about?

Yes!!! Am a first Timer!!!

When Mchinji was hosting its second community blood donation campaign at Mbachundu primary school, I was so geared to do what I had never done in my life- donate blood. It‘s no surprise when we hear of so many stories on misconceptions of blood.

Kasungu MamaYe Clubs Invade Chisazima

It was a joyous day as students of Kapiri Primary and Chilanga Secondary Schools of Mawango Village and Mlangali Village respectfully came together in Chisazima village ready to show off what they had learnt from Pitala village.

MamaYe Clubs bring hope to Mangochi

It was a day like any other. Mrs Cecelia Mtambo, a standard 8 teacher at Changamile primary school heard a knock on her door. Standing outside was a young girl, her face held down, a sign of respect. After a greeting, the girl did not waste any time in telling Mtambo the reason of her coming…

Chinsapo Secondary School rescues KCH paediatric ward

On 23 January Dr Hans of Kamuzu Central Hospital sent an SOS to Mamaye on the critical blood shortage that hit the paediatric ward leading to unnecessary deaths of children.