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Guest blogger on the MamaYe Tanzania website. 


Race for Survival in Zanzibar – A journey from Tanzania to Geneva and Back...

Zanzibar, 13 June 8am, sunny morning and many children, men and women at the Amaani Stadium in Stone town – the place where the Race for Survival is happening. They are so much into it that they didn't even notice the Vice President and his crew entering the place and taking their seats.

Every Newborn Deserves to Survive

With CIFF funding, a Ministry of Health and Social Welfare collaboration with Jhpiego is tackling newborn deaths in Tanzania by helping babies breath at birth.

Citizens Hearing a game changer in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Children Adolescent Health

I say it is a game changer because am sure that if sustained it will improve service delivery, it will strengthen demand side accountability. It is a game changer because through Citizen Hearings citizens are provided with an opportunity to voice their priorities and concerns.

Ground breaking! Historical moment in RMNCAH

This is historic! This is ground breaking! declared Richard Horton when opening the first ever global dialogue between citizens and governments to be held at the World Health Assembly. Tanzania was well represented, taking the voice of our people to Geneva.

Harriet Makwetta: A dreamer with a quest for excellence who turned into a champion for mothers and babies

I got the idea to write this article at 4: am in the morning, I had to accompany my neighbor to a health centre because she was in labour.

OPINION PIECE: From the White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania to mark the 500 days countdown to the deadline of MDGs

The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Tanzania, join with women and their families around the world in celebrating the success of the global campaign to prevent deaths in pregnancy and childbirth.

When you have deep appreciation and respect for people, speak out and inspire more to do good

I dedicate this blog to many women, men, boys and girls young and old who turned up in numbers to come and hear life-saving messages delivered by White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania (WRA Tanzania) members during the marking 2014 White Ribbon Alliance Day in across Rukwa region districts .

While each one of us can do something to save a mother and a baby, we must remind authorities play their part

The challenges facing pregnant women in rural Tanzania are many, but the most challenging one is distance to health facilities that provide services that can save lives. Ambulances help, but there are challenges there, too.

The 2014/2015 National Budget should bring hope for Maternal Health.

WRA's Communications Officer, Vicent Mnyanyika introduces you to a petition, as part of their on-going campaign called "Be accountable so Mama can Survive Childbirth. If you are Tanzanian, please sign and tell others.

It’s time to bridge the rural-urban gap

In this piece, Featured Author Kenneth Simbaya pays tribute to rural women of this country and all over the world, as he builds a case for celebrating them everyday, by recognising the burden they carry tirelessly as they feed their families and communities.