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Eleanor Hukin


Visualising data can stimulate action

In a world oversaturated with data, static pie charts and line graphs are no longer sufficient – we need tools which marry data visualisation with the latest consolidated, definitive and trusted evidence. In the maternal and newborn health field, we are lucky to have a range of sites on offer.

What works in maternal and newborn health: MamaYe Evidence Blast

As we draw close to 2015, how do we accelerate our progress? During UN General Assembly week, MamaYe brings you the evidence of what works in maternal and newborn health. We owe it to the world to take evidence-based action.

If we don’t know the size of the problem, how do we fix it?

You might think that it’s easy to measure maternal mortality. You might think because it’s one of the Millennium Development Goals that countries have agreed what data should be collected to calculate it. You might think that there is a single equation which computes a final undisputed figure. And then everyone can get started on the tricky business of working out how to reduce it. You’d be wrong.