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Bockarie  Sesay

Bockarie Sesay

Bockarie's background is in community health, including clinical skills. He has focused on monitoring and evaluation of programmes with international non-governmental organizations in public health, education, governance, capacity building and livelihoods. He has being involved in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national level programs, such as the Global Fund funded Scaling up of malaria interventions for universal coverage in Sierra Leone Round 10. Bockarie hails from Koinadugu, which has one of the worst maternal and child health indicators in Sierra Leone. He was a core team member in developing maternal and child health package interventions in Koinadugu, which is now being scaled up nationally. Bockarie believes in the power of quality evidence to propel advocacy and create change.

Nine more districts to have QuIC FIT quality of care data

Bockarie Sesay, MamaYe Evidence Advisor, reports on a two-week QuIC FIT orientation visit conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

Sepsis: Mothers, Babies & Ebola

Highlighting Sepsis, a severe infection and one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in Sierra Leone, is crucial to understanding some of the challenges pregnant women are most prone to encounter in the wake of Sierra Leone’s current Ebola outbreak.