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Anthony Masamba

Anthony Masamba

Anthony is the advocacy and communications coordinator for the Malawi team. He has over eight years of journalism experience.

Apart from studying journalism, Anthony also studied Environmental Science and Public Health. He has vast experience in project management and advocacy, especially in human resources for health as well as in maternal and newborn health.


Coalition Partners gear up for HBA National Accountability meeting

The Maternal and Newborn Health Coalition Partners are gearing up for the MamaYe Health Budget Advocacy National Accountability Meeting to be held in Lilongwe in August.

#ValueOurHealth Campaign! Ministry of Health 2016/2017 Budget Short of 8% To Meet Abuja Declaration

Stakeholders and a network of CSOs including opposition political parties call on Government to consider revising upward the Health Sector Budget allocation.

Little hope on Maternal and Newborn Health as 2016/2017 budget meeting begins in Lilongwe

Parliament started meeting in Lilongwe on Friday for a 2016/2017 budget meeting with little word of hope from President Peter Mutharika on the improvement of survival of mothers and babies in the country.

MamaYe awards best journalists

MamaYe Malawi has awarded two best journalists with outstanding maternal and newborn health stories during this year’s NAMISA Gala awards. MamaYe treats the media as our partners to reduce deaths of our mothers and babies.

Valuing the Nurses and Midwives of Malawi

“As ministry of health, we call upon people of Malawi, stakeholders and partners to start valuing the nurses and midwives. We are who we are because of nurses and midwives. They are our angels on earth”, says Ministry of Health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe.

Mzimba District Council has spoken, using HBA Transparency Scorecard is the way to go

The Mzimba district council has unanimously reached the resolution that using the Health Budget Advocacy (HBA) Transparency Scorecard is the only way possible to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability in the health budget sector formulation, disbursement and implementation.

HBA Transparency Scorecard will improve budget efficiency, accountability- Nkhata Bay district commissioner

“What we have learnt today is a very important tool in the budget formulation, disbursement and implementation. This HBA Transparency Scorecard will make us work hard while striving to deliver positive results in the way we handle the health sector budget and of course other sector budgets”

MamaYe Malawi takes health budget transparency scorecard to Nkhatabay, Mzimba

After successfully trained the Rumphi district council and other stakeholders on the use of Health Budget Advocacy (HBA) transparency scorecard, MamaYe Malawi is taking the similar training to Nkhata Bay and Mzimba district councils.

Using pupils to save lives of mothers and babies in Mchinji

“We want to reach out to as many villages as possible. We are hearing many girls are dropping out of school in senior Chief Mkanda area. We are going there soon. We want to stop early marriages. We want girls to remain in school so as to avoid maternal deaths,” said Clement Mwakhwawa, patron for Pitala MamaYe School Club

Khoswe village shines in blood donation in Balaka

“This made us people of Khoswe village to be a model village in blood donation. No other village here in Traditional Authority Msamala had ever beaten us in blood donation. We are pacesetters in blood donation here in Balaka,” said group village headman Khoswe.