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John Kawale

John Kawale

John Kawale is the communications consultant for the MamaYe Malawi team.

Radio - a partner in maternal health survival

Radio has always played a very important role in informing the public on health matters. In Malawi Radio has played a very critical role as a source of information on maternal health.

Mzimba District scores high on Budget Transparency due to Health Budget Advocacy

Mzimba District Council has seen a tremendous improvement on budget transparency and dissemination as people are being made aware of district funding.

Rights for Mothers on International Human Rights Day

Let us honor our pregnant women and our children in accessing quality health care and their health rights, as we commemorate International Human Rights today 10th December.

It Takes The Whole Village To Prevent Premature Births

Malawi has the highest preterm birth rate in the world. Every year, 120,200 babies are born too soon, and 5,300 of these die due to preterm birth complications. But two women from Mzimba District did not want their babies to be among those 5,300 babies.

World Pneumonia Day 2016

John's two year old son was seriously ill with pneumonia and he discovers that it is the second biggest killer of children in the world. Pneumonia killed about 5400 children under the age of five last year in Malawi.

Rumphi District to take action on sepsis

The Rumphi District Maternal Death Surveillance Response Committee report shows that 44% of maternal deaths are due to sepsis, a severe infection which can be prevented through clean birth and improved hygiene.

MamaYe Malawi joins the world in standing up for right to health for pregnant mothers

We believe that every woman has a right to survive childbirth, just as every newborn child has a right to a mother. It is for these reasons that MamaYe Malawi joins the rest of the world today, 25th October 2016, in commemorating Global Day of Action for the Right to Health.

MamaYe joins the 2016 Nation Publications Mother’s Day fun run

The sweat and tired legs during this year’s Mzimba Mother’s Day Fun Run helped raise K77 million worth of essential supplies and equipment.