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John Kawale

John Kawale

John Kawale is the communications consultant for the MamaYe Malawi team.


E4A-MamaYe supports MHEN with Health Budget Transparency and Accountability

Following the success of Health Budget Transparency and Accountability in the districts of Mzimba,

SMS: a tool for activists to raise their voices

MamaYe Malawi owes much of its success to its trained activists in all the three regions of Mzimba, Rumphi and Nkhata Bay. A continuous engagement with the activists in its various ways has helped to make positive impact in the districts in improving maternal and newborn health.

Our Health, Our Rights, Our Lives

If you walk to any health facility in the country and stroll through the maternity corridors or wards, you will see women sitting in groups chatting, sharing their stories and laughing. As much as there is joy and excitement from these women that they are about to bring a new bundle of joy in this world, there is also fear and anxiety in these first, second or third time mothers.

How the HBTA Results influences Rumphi District to implement its health sector plan

MamaYe Malawi has been supporting Rumphi district in participating in the budget transparency and accountability process through a series of assessments.


Building a strong partnership among midwives, mothers and partners in maternal and newborn health builds a healthy community and nation.

MamaYe Malawi Signs Off In Style

"The legacy that the MamaYe campaign has left, is worth replicating in other districts.”

World Malaria Day 2017: Impact of Malaria in Pregnancy

There is an African Proverb which says, "If you think you're too s

Let us make pregnancy a joy for mothers and everyone

Malawi has one of the highest maternal death rate in the world. Here, news of pregnancy is received with a mixture of both joy and anxiety by the mother, family and community.

Radio - a partner in maternal health survival

Radio has always played a very important role in informing the public on health matters. In Malawi Radio has played a very critical role as a source of information on maternal health.