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Trish Doherty

Trish Doherty

Trish Doherty is the Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor on the E4A-MamaYe programme at Options. Trish has worked across health, governance and resilience projects and has a wide range of expertise in managing and delivering qualitative and quantitative research and ensuring evidence informs programme and policy development. 

Using data to accelerate implementation of the SDGs

Today at the Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW), an expert panel will discuss 'the availability and use of data and gender statistics.

The numbers matter. Here's why

“The circumstances surrounding a stillbirth, neonatal and maternal death can be painful to recount. However, this process of reviewing deaths, or near-miss cases, can highlight missed opportunities in care, leading to fewer such cases in the future”.

Strengthening Data Quality and Use: A Priority for Malawi

Strengthening data quality and use in health was the topic of discussion when the Central Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Malawi Ministry of Health met in Lilongwe on Tuesday 17th January.