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Breastfeeding: giving babies the best start in life

As we celebrate breastfeeding week, let us support women to breastfeed anytime and anywhere. Exclusive breastfeeding, ideally starting within the first hour after birth, is recommended by the WHO for the first 6 months of life

Tanzania's need for family planning

Investing in the health of adolescent girls is a smart economic move for Tanzania.

Want to save a Mama and baby’s life? Here is what you can do

Available statistics from the Tanzanian Ministry of Health show that at least 556 women die every year in Tanzania due to pregnancy and childbirth related complications.

Citizens Hearing a game changer in RMNCAH

I say it is a game changer because am sure that if sustained it will improve service delivery, it will strengthen demand side accountability. It is a game changer because through Citizen Hearings citizens are provided with an opportunity to voice their priorities and concerns.