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A campaign by all of us to save Tanzania's mothers and babies

Acting together will result in thousands of mothers and newborns surviving pregnancy and childbirth. That is the conviction of the Mama Ye! campaign which was launched in Tanzania on 17th January 2013.

How Record Keeping Saves Lives: The Story of John Sanganme

“We dey look for John Sanganme” - monitoring and evaluation officer for Health for All in Bonthe, John's record-keeping is saving the lives of Bonthe's mothers and babies.

Kangaroo ‘Father’ Care in Zanzibar

A rare sight to applaud is of Omari Ali cradling one of his tiny twin sons strapped close to his body, at a health centre in Mwembeladu, Zanzibar. He eagerly followed advice of nurses who broke the news to him that his newly-born babies were severely underweight needed special care that he and his wife can provide.

Taxi drivers help to save lives of mothers and babies

For over a decade, taxi drivers from the Gomoa Ajumako Ayan Assiem District in Ghana’s central region have helped save the lives of mothers and babies. The region has come a long way since recording the highest rates of maternal mortality in the early 2000s, with not a single case documented since 2006. Taxi drivers have played a big part in this success story.

Sylvia delivers 8,000 babies yearly

When duty calls, no amount of sacrifice is too big - Dr Sylvia Deganus has had to make sacrifices, but her passion and commitment to Ghanaian women and babies has kept her going.