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MamaYe Ghana Launch: Make We Talk

On Tuesday, MamaYe Ghana was officially launched at the International Conference Centre in Accra. The event bought together over 300 stakeholders in maternal and newborn health from all corners of Ghana, ranging from the caretaker Deputy Minister for Health to an eight-month pregnant mother with her firstborn in arms.

It is for the People: A Midwife's Story

Francess Forna makes an impression because she is clear about her vision. “We want to produce midwives who care, who have solid knowledge of the issues and the practical experience to support that knowledge before they graduate and go directly into the field. This is why I am passionate about ensuring our graduates get the best out of Midwifery school”.

Giving blood to save a mama

More than a thousand young Tanzanians had gathered to donate blood to save mothers and newborns. Altogether a remarkable event. A demonstration of selfless dedication and commitment by young people willing to give their blood to save Tanzania’s mothers and babies.

Getting to grips with maternal and newborn health

On February 9th MamaYe-Evidence4Action (E4A) organised and trained selected health correspondents across Kano and Jigawa states, as well as Abuja.

What has Nigeria's Government pledged?

What has the Nigerian Government pledged to do to save the lives of our mothers and babies? Below we outline some of the public pledges made by the Government at international events. MamaYe will be working with our communities to make sure these pledges are met.