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Saving mothers prepared me for motherhood

Nomso Ibe did something extraordinary in her quest to save the lives of mothers and babies. After a successful community outreach, the pregnant women she encouraged to attend antenatal care and use the hospital during child birth started getting detained in the hospital because they could not pay their bills. Find out what happened next and why Nomso is this months MamaYe heroine!

Kano says ignorance, poverty responsible for high maternal mortality

Kano State government has said that the rampant cases of maternal mortality in the northern states were due to ignorance, dependence on traditional beliefs and poverty.

If Women Ruled the World

Today in London’s Houses of Parliament, Katy Woods from White Ribbon Alliance took part in a lively discussion with women politicians from across Africa.

ASEM Sings ‘MAMAYE’ To Save Mothers

“They say a woman is the heart beat of every nation. So this is not an issue for procrastination. We need to act now and start some education on maternal mortality and all its complications.” These critical words make up the first few lines of GH-rap maestro, Asem’s new single promoting maternal and newborn survival in Ghana.

Media Reporting: Keeping Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights on the Government Agenda

"If developing nations are to achieve some of the United Nation’s Millennium Development goals on reproductive health, the influence of the media needs to be harnessed in mobilizing the private sector and community groups to act." This report resonates with the intention of MamaYe to help build a strong media that gives voice on maternal and newborn issues, educate the public on its right and help call for public action.

Where Evidence meets Accountability to Save Mamas

To allow mothers and babies to survive in Sierra Leone, clinics need funding. They need appropriate funding so that they can be safe. Most times, not enough money is allocated to these clinics, and often clinics do not receive what is actually promised by their districts.

International Women’s Day and MamaYe

At MamaYe, we are inspired to take a retrospective look at what the month of March meant for the women of Sierra Leone, particularly in terms of accessing quality health care services.

Special Care for Babies. A matron goes the extra mile

Matron Isatu Kamara is busy. She is busy ensuring that babies are given a better chance at survival...

Truly, a pint can save a MAMA – Auntie Lizzy’s Close Shave With Death

The things we consider inconsequential to our existence are quite often the very things that save our lives. For many people in Ghana, the onus of providing quality maternal care lies squarely on the laps of the government. This assumption may, to some extent, hold truth in the face of the taxes which Ghanaians are saddled with;