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Who would not act if five planes crashed every day in Tanzania?

Most of us know personally or have heard of a woman who has passed away due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth. The tragic truth is that most of these deaths of our Tanzanian mothers and babies during pregnancy or childbirth are in fact entirely preventable.

Voluntary Blood Donors Ask for Recognition

The Voluntary Blood Donors Association in Sierra Leone are currently calling on government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to kindly recognize services and contributions blood donors make towards improving services for mothers and babies.

Parliamentarian Pledges More for Mothers and Babies

Honorable Hanna Bundu - a registered state nurse, Member of Parliament constituency 61 and representative of the Parliamentary Health Committee - pledged her support to mothers and babies at the MamaYe campaign launch.

Kao Denero Joins MamaYe to Save Lives

Leading hip hop artist and peace ambassador with a massive youth following, Kao Denero joins the MamaYe campaign in support of raising awareness around issues of maternal and newborn health in Sierra Leone.

Ghana Reflects on efforts to improve MNH

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 marked the 66th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, where 194 Member States attended the annual meeting to discuss activities of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and set targets for the coming year. Amongst key issues on the table were women and children’s health, which was specifically noted as a key challenge at last year’s meeting.