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Inspiration in Koromasilaia

On Monday 24th June we were lucky enough to spend time with the community leaders of Koromasilaia in Koinadugu. Over the last four years things have changed in Koromasilaia - and it is thanks to the leadership, organisation, brains and cohesion of the locals.

How Lagos combats maternal, child deaths

To empower women, don't forget the men

The award-winning Fambula Initiative Network for Equality (FINE) is doing innovative work in Sierra Leone. They are working with men to turn around cultural norms that negatively impact women’s empowerment, including expanding their access to family planning and reproductive health services.

MamaYe joins NSBS to celebrates World Blood Donor Day 2014

MamaYe in collaboration with National Safe Blood Services celebrated World Blood Donor Day in Makeni on June 14th.

Ten ways to save a million lives

Tackling malnutrition is crucial to accelerating progress in women’s and children’s health. The latest evidence on nutrition and maternal and newborn health has been gathered and summarised by the MamaYe team. On 8th June, world leaders, business people and donors signed the Global Nutrition for Growth Compact, an agreement to improve the nutrition of children and pregnant women, securing new commitments of up to US$4.15 billion to tackle undernutrition by 2020.