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Mama Afrika Award launches at MNCH conference!

This week sees the launch of the Mama Afrika Award, a new prize for excellence in maternal, newborn and child health. CARMMA, with the support of MamaYe, has developed this award to honour remarkable efforts by individuals or organisations in Africa that ensure Africa’s mothers, newborns and children survive and thrive into the future.

Admiring the Possible | The Story of Hassanatu N’jai

The story of Hassanatu N’jai, a young woman who went from being a community health volunteer to a registered nurse specializing in maternal and newborn care.

Exit of Dr Ali Muhammad Pate; Pros and Cons

With great concern for the situation of the Nigerian health system, and the sudden exit of a visionary State health minister, it is important to look into possible setbacks the initiatives under him may suffer, and the implications on our struggling health sector.

Blood Donation: NBTS hails MamaYe Nigeria

MamaYe Nigeria collaborates with NBTS on blood donation activities to address shortage of blood where it is required to save lives of mothers and newborns.

Ghana drafts Action Plan to end neonatal deaths

Ghana is drafting an action plan that will help end preventable deaths among newborn babies. Dubbed “Every Newborn”, the plan will focus on newborn health and identify actions for improving their survival, health and development. To that end, the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO)...

We forfeited our new baby's needs to save another baby's life!

The issue of signing the health bill into law or raising health spending to 15% of the national budget will never go away as long as Nigerians are subjected to out-of-pocket spending on health to save their lives.

First Lady Sia Koroma targets more pragmatic approach to teenage pregnancies and child marriage

Back in July, the Office of the First Lady with UNFPA organised a national forum for Traditional & Religious leaders on maternal mortality & morbidity reduction. The specific focus was reduction of teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

Roman for Mothers & Babies

Paramount Chief of Kasonko, Roman Lamina Baio Serry 3rd cares about the mothers and babies in his community.

Unity & One Wod

The people of Kormosilaiasure are a proud people who embrace the mottos of ‘unity’ and ‘one wod’, meaning togetherness, to heart.

15% budget to health; Nigeria's dilemma

So how much has the review (Abuja+12) of the Abuja Declaration 2001 to commit 15% of annual national budget to develop the health sector affected fulfilling the promise?