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Tanzania joins the world in Globeathon

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Said Mecksadik is an activist against cancer in women and urges other men to join him because "when a woman suffers, the whole family is affected."

Investing in midwives to meet goals and save lives

Development and implementation of strategies to address gaps in the education and regulation of midwifery service is a major, required step to reaching the MDG 5. Find out how.

How transparent is Nigeria’s health budget and plan?

When I asked many civil societies and media ‘how many of you know about national health account and how it can be use for expenditure tracking and advocacy’? Over 90% of them responded with ‘NO’.

Saving moms at birth

Finding solutions that will lead to ending preventable maternal mortality: the situation, needs and possibilities and the ripple effect in infographics

Lessons from Congo

When someone mentions Congo Brazzaville what image comes to your mind? Ok, do not answer that. How about if someone says that they have a story to tell, again from Congo, what will you be anticipating…? Well, do not answer that either because I want you to focus on the positive side of things.

What works to improve the health of women and children?

MamaYe collaborated with PMNCH (the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health) to identify the actions, policies and solutions from 10 countries making substantial progress in improving women and children’s health.

When to have babies: a matter of choice, access and knowledge

The Tanzania team visited Tema General Hospital in Ghana, and learned how barriers to modern family planning methods include a lack of information, as well as unreliable access to the services, especially in the rural areas. But Ghana has pledged to improve this - and other countries should follow!

Daddy's First Visit to the Clinic - Emmanuel's Story from Tema Hospital in Ghana

What happens when a new father takes his first visit to a clinic? At Tema General Hospital's PMTCT and Antenatal Clinic we meet Emmanuel and his wife Susanna and through his eyes find the place of a Daddy in Accra today.

What Accessing a Safe Clinic Looks Like

Akwaaba! Meaning Welcome in Tri, a language spoken in Accra, Ghana is sincerely felt even when we enter the Salvation Army Clinic's maternal ward.

"Retired, but not tired"

My first trip to Ghana and we’re out visiting a maternity clinic. While the clinic is not well resourced by UK standards, the women of Agona Swedru are lucky to enjoy the commitment of Sister Mercy Asiedua. She says she is “retired, but not tired.” Her face beams as she shows us round.