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Afehyia Pa! To all champions working for pregnant mothers and babies

The MamaYe Ghana campaign wishes to express its profound gratitude to you for your immense support throughout the year. The campaign recognizes the tenacity with which you have worked throughout the year despite the countless challenges we have scaled collectively. Clearly, the lives of our mothers and babies are invaluable to us all - the reason we braved through the odds.

Video: How to care for a Newborn

The third article of the Lancet Neonatal Survival Series published in 2005 indicates that coverage of interventions to address newborn mortality is low, progress in scaling up is slow, and inequality is high, especially for access to skilled clinical interventions.

Financial incentives encourage Government Health Workers performance during deliveries

In the Coast Region of Tanzania there has been an increase in the number of women delivering in a health care facility—a 9% increase to be precise. I could not help noticing that it was also reported that 9% of government health workers said that their motivation to go to work improved.

Donors give blood to save lives at ‘Accra Goes Red’

Friday, December 6 known as Farmers’ Day was a holiday set aside to celebrate the hardworking farmers in Ghana. Ordinarily, many people will throng beaches and recreational centres to have fun to while away the time.

Accra Goes Red in pictures

The National Blood Transfusion Service and MamaYe Ghana had a very successful blood donation exercise at the premises of its new National Headquarters at Korle-bu near the Idadfa Park on Friday, December 6, 2013 (Farmers' Day).