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Good luck: the story of Mwai

The MamaYe campaign was in Mchinji district where it facilitated community blood mobilization. 71 units were collected and we smile because those are lives saved.

Direct Impact : Give Blood to Save a Life

A major reason why so many women die from haemorrhage is because once bleeding starts death can occur in about two hours, compared with 10 hours for eclampsia and 72 hours for obstructed labour. When YOU donate blood, you are directly are creating direct impact by saving a life of anyone, particularly mothers and babies.

Maternal and Newborn Health Factsheet Malawi

MamaYe has created a factsheet on maternal and newborn health in Malawi. This resource highlights the progress achieved in maternal and newborn survival and that making health facilities safe and saving the lives of mothers and babies depend on improvements in access to health services, increased spending on health and ensuring that blood and other lifesaving interventions are available.

10 Cool Things MamaYe Sierra Leone Achieved in 2013

10 cool MamaYe successes of 2013. These are YOUR success too. We must continue to build momentum to ensure that MORE of our MOTHERS & BABIES survive childbirth in Sierra Leone.

Health Budget Advocacy: What has been achieved so far?

Health Budget Advocacy: What has been achieved so far to ensure a sustained increase in allocation of funds to health sector in Sierra Leone.