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What is the real extent of maternal mortality in Ghana?

Last week a very lively training workshop full of the very best data geeks in Ghana and their Evidence for Action (E4A) collaborators set out to try to find the answer. How high - actually - is the maternal mortality ratio in Ghana? As the convener of the workshop I embarked on the task with great trepidation.

MamaYe Clubs bring hope to Mangochi

It was a day like any other. Mrs Cecelia Mtambo, a standard 8 teacher at Changamile primary school heard a knock on her door. Standing outside was a young girl, her face held down, a sign of respect. After a greeting, the girl did not waste any time in telling Mtambo the reason of her coming…

Working together for our newborns

We know that the quality of care available for women needs to improve. That’s why Save the Children has identified this agenda based around essential interventions around birth, that a properly-skilled midwife or trained healthworker can deliver to save newborn lives.

MamaYe Day (of success) 2014

"MamaYe depicts issues that are close to all of our hearts. It concerns everyone, including you!"

While each one of us can do something to save a mother and a baby, we must remind authorities play their part

The challenges facing pregnant women in rural Tanzania are many, but the most challenging one is distance to health facilities that provide services that can save lives. Ambulances help, but there are challenges there, too.

MamaYe debuts short film for saving lives!

We have taken the route of movie making to support our quest to bring everyone together to make a life-saving change for mothers and babies.

Commemorating MamaYe Day 2014!

Were you part of the launch last year, or do you want to join the MamaYe movement to make a life-saving change for mothers and babies?

MP for Yagaba/Koburi donates an ambulance to save pregnant women

Hon. Ussif Mustapha, Member of Parliament for Yagaba/Kubori, in the Northern Region says he intends to fulfill his promise to provide better modes of transport for pregnant women who, hitherto, are carried on motor bikes and other uncomfortable means to hospitals during labour.

Chinsapo Secondary School rescues KCH paediatric ward

On 23 January Dr Hans of Kamuzu Central Hospital sent an SOS to Mamaye on the critical blood shortage that hit the paediatric ward leading to unnecessary deaths of children.

Alphabetti spaghetti: evidence is at the heart of a revolution for women and children

The field of maternal, newborn and child health can be hard to follow. So many acronyms - it’s like alphabetti spaghetti! In this blog, I want to pick out two acronyms for special attention because they are at the heart of our new revolution for women and babies.