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MamaYe congratulates Prof. Address Malata and Prof. Ellen Chirwa

MamaYe congratulates Professor Address Malata and Professor Ellen Chirwa as the University of Malawi recognized their achievement as they have risen to the risen to the highest academic rank as well as introduce them to the nation at large.

Our representatives show they care, time for us to do more

It was midnight after a drive from Dodoma. I should have been sleeping as we were actually waking up at daybreak to continue with our drive to Dar es Salaam.

Among World Cup Countries, Brazil Leads in Saving Children’s Lives!

Will Brazil win the world cup it is hosting? After all, Brazil is leading all the countries playing at the world cup tournament. Although Nigeria has reduced child mortality by 42 percent since 1990, it still has the highest rate of child deaths of all footballing nations in the 2014 World Cup.

Capacity building on conducting village blood collection: What is that all about?

It was a busy day on 20th June 2014 at Crossroads Hotel as there was a capacity building on how to conduct a village blood collection to different stakeholders to take place. How did this come about?

African activists meet in Johannesburg to demand more transparent health budgets

Call to action marks the launch of an African-led network demanding better use of existing funds for African women and children’s health as well as a greater share of African national budgets allocated to mothers and babies’ survival.

Breaking the Silence on Neonatal Deaths

In the Nation newspaper dated 20th February, 2014, there was a story which caught my eye. The headline was “Man caught exhuming body in Lilongwe”. According to the article the man was caught red handed exhuming a body of a premature baby with an aim of selling it.

Kigoma--Raising the bar to save our mothers' lives...

Kigoma has delivered a resounding message during this year’s World Blood Donor Day celebrations: we can achieve our vision of a time when our mothers and babies do not needlessly die at that blessed moment of giving life, and that it is our collective responsibility to champion their survival.

Address Malata - Teaching to Save Lives

Midwives matter: the evidence why

Don't fear to donate blood

Blood shortage worries government. Just under one third of blood needed in Malawi is being collected. There is a greater need to sensitize communities on the importance of blood donation. Adult males can donate blood every 3 months and woman every 4 months.