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Ghana launches strategy to guide newborn care

The Minister of Health, Dr Kwaku Agyemang-Mensah, has launched the National Newborn Strategy and Action Plan to guide newborn delivery and care in the country.

A Silent Epidemic in Ebola's Heartland

Identifying Disability in Children - An infographic on Child Development

Handicap International has developed a chart that helps to identify normal steps and potential delays in child development.

The launch of the Every Newborn Action Plan

The third WHO Partners Forum that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa; Monday 30 June – Tuesday 1 July 2014 which was a gathering of ‘Who is Who’ in the health sector has witnessed the launch of the

We need an African voice on health budgets

Today, we work as MamaYe directors to save mothers and babies’ lives by raising expectations of survival, working to ensure decision-makers have access to good evidence, and mobilising a grass-roots movement to demand more action on this issue. Today, we loudly call on African leaders to make budgets transparent.

Mayor of Bonthe Island keeps his promise for electricity in Bonthe Hospital

In his opening speech to community advocates, the Mayor of the Bonthe Municipality committed to facilitating the supply of electricity tothe Bonthe Government hospital in 48 hours. He kept his promise.

A story of blood and dedication

Read about MamaYe's research in support of voluntary blood donation, and why this might also be valuable support the Ebola response.

Ebola, maternal deaths and gaps in health systems

The current Ebola virus epidemic in Sierra Leone is highlighting persistent gaps and deficiencies in the country’s health care system. These same deficiencies also contribute to the death of approximately 1,100 mothers a year per 100,000 live births.

Using Data to Save Mothers and Babies in Mchinji District

Mchinji district leaders were presented with the evidence on the survival of mothers and babies in the district. They used this evidence to take action!

No woman, no adolescent, no child left behind

The title of my article today was the communique slogan for the recently concluded third Partners' Forum that took place in Johannesburg.It was arguably rated as one of the most influential political meeting on health in recent years.