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Kabaza Mamaye Activists Cycle for Mothers Day!

Creativity hit the kabaza cyclists and they thought of cycling to Mchinji in a bid to raise K5 million. This is 120km from Lilongwe, a journey that takes slightly over an hour by road.

Students ACT in the Fight Against Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Medical Students’ Association embarked on an Ebola house to house awareness campaign called ‘KickEbolaOut’ which started in August.

This Week's Top 5 News Articles YOU should READ

We are compiling 5 TOP articles on Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and issues of maternal and newborn health in light of Sierra Leone's current Ebola outbreak that we recommend you read.

Let's mobilize political support for maternal and newborn health - First Lady

Ghana’s First lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama, has urged other African First Ladies to work tirelessly to enhance the lives of women and children by particularly reducing maternal and newborn mortality.

Evidence drives a revolution in accountability

When we started, the E4A programme felt like quite a leap of faith. We knew from other sectors – smoking and malaria, for example – that a strategic combination of evidence, advocacy and accountability could be just the answer to achieving big outcomes. But would it work in maternal and newborn health?

Evidence-based positive reporting saved lives in Mzimba and Machinga districts

Not only does negative stories lead to selling more newspapers. Positive reporting sells even MORE of them. Find out more from this article.

What works in maternal and newborn health: MamaYe Evidence Blast

As we draw close to 2015, how do we accelerate our progress? During UN General Assembly week, MamaYe brings you the evidence of what works in maternal and newborn health. We owe it to the world to take evidence-based action.


Some of the loudest and longest storms feel like they will never end, but eventually they always do.

Local Media Championing Mothers and Babies Survival

The partnership with the Union of Tanzanian Press Clubs (UTPC) is exciting - and it has the potential to tell every Tanzanian why they need to take action for out mothers and babies.

Ondo State pays traditional birth attendants to get them off pregnant women

Ondo State is not resting on its oars after successfully launching the Abiye Project, which is why it has determined to get TBAs off the back of pregnant women completely to enhance absolute safe pregnancy delivery, but not by providing no other means of livelihood for the TBAs!