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Biking for mothers and babies

“Every journey starts with a step “so they say. This is a remarkable journey of bicycle taxi riders known as Kabanza. These people have changed from using their bicycles as a commercial tool to start saving lives of mothers and babies.

Using Sports to Spread Maternal and Child Health Messages

MamaYe has school-based youth clubs that are actively involved in the advocacy work. These clubs strive to challenge the deeply rooted cultural values and beliefs on maternal health, including myths surrounding pregnancy and blood donation.

Under-five survival hangs on newborn survival!

Nigeria muscles up against under-five mortality at the newborns health experts’ National Newborn Conference in Abuja.

Persistence while facing an emergency

We recently conducted an assessment of 10 health facilities to better gauge the preparedness of our clinics to handle the major spike in Ebola cases in Freetown and some health facilities remain open despite the myriad of challenges

Koinadaugu - the last district to report an Ebola Case

Koinadugu is one of the northern districts in northern Sierra Leone bordering with Guinea. Since the Ebola outbreak in May, Koinadugu is the last district to quite recently report an Ebola case. Read more about how they were able to prevent an Ebola outbreak in their district for so long and have strng sysmtes in place to mitigate te outbreak.