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The best of 2014 in our health sector?

We do not need to search for long before realising that against all odds, in 2014, we had our best moments in the health sector in Nigeria - we beat Ebola and unprecedentedly got the

A New Year resolution successful and caring people can’t afford to miss

Amidst big and crucial resolutions we are making for the next year, I believe that one of the resolutions successful people can’t miss is saving mothers and babies lives. Make it one of your new year’s resolutions and save the lives of mothers and babies.

Community Action is Supporting the Ebola Response in Bonthe District

Since the Ebola outbreak in May 2014, Bonthe has reported the least number of confirmed Ebola cases. There is no doubt that strategies put in place by Bonthenians and health workers have contributed to the containment of the disease.

Healthworkers strike intensifies after failed meeting

Health workers in hospitals will stop all “skeletal and concessional services” in all healthcare facilities, intensifying the month-old strike called by the Joint Health Workers Union last month after federal government failed to attend a scheduled meeting between both sides on Monday (December 15 2014).

More MamaYe clubs inaugurated in Ashanti

St. Mary’s Girls Senior High School, Kwamang Secondary School and the Beposo Islamic Secondary Schools have joined the MamaYe family.

1 vaccine against 10 diseases sprouts hope of averting children's deaths

A new vaccine said to be capable of taking care of 10 pneumonia-related diseases is now part of routine immunisation shots for children aged 1 and below, also said could avert an additional 486,957 deaths of children over the next six years.

World celebrates first Universal Health Coverage day

12 December 2014 marked a series of marches, campaign launches, and conferences by more than 500 civil society organisations, universities, and development agencies from more than 100 countries.

Newborn baby stakeholder meeting: Mama Ye! in the news

We are all stakeholders! We all can work to save up to 9,400 Tanzanian babies who die annually and avert up to 2,500 still birth by December next year. Watch our stakeholder meeting in the news.

How can you get your health innovation to benefit more women and babies in Ethiopia, Nigeria and India?

Warnings over Collapse of Health System in the Wake of Ebola in Sierra Leone

Prior to the outbreak there were signs of progress in the country’s public health operation, which are now under threat.