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Maternal and Newborn Health in the news

Here is a compilation of the issues making the news in maternal and newborn health in Ghana with January 2015 coming to an end.

Maternal Deaths and MDSR in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the countries with a high burden of maternal mortality. As part of its drive to tackle maternal mortality, the Federal Ministry of Health formally launched the national Maternal Death Surveillance and Response (MDSR) system in May 2013.

JOHESU strikes health seekers!

MamaYe Campaign condemns Obinim’s exorcism on pregnant women

The MamaYe Campaign and the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights have noted with surprise, a video circulating in the media in what seems to be a deliverance session being performed by a ‘man of God’ on a pregnant woman.

QuIC approach is quick indeed

QuIC (Quality of Institutional Care) is a telephone-based approach to assessing the readiness of facilities to provide quality Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care services. It collects analyses and presents data quickly, so results are available for immediate action.

Beyond new facilities: Helping politicians understand universal health coverage

Where there are only doctors

This is a period when less hospital patronage no longer means poor health seeking behaviour, but means that the system has deliberately shut out the few that seek intervention. Have you seen a nation of people who look like scenes from a horror movie?

Water that erodes maternal hope away...

Malawi is in a state of disaster. Floods have hit different parts of the country and have left thousands destitute. While we appreciate that a lot are suffering, where does this leave a pregnant woman and issues of maternal and newborn health.

TBA dumps practice for evidence-based intervention

The community can take ownership of evidence-based and safe practices if they are involved in development programs. People become empowered when you teach them how to fish more than when you fish for them.

Read and Share Maternal and Newborn Health Online Newsletter--January 2015 Issue

Mama Ye! keeps you up-to-date with the latest information, evidence, plans, launches and all that is important about and for Maternal and Newborn Health in Tanzania. We welcome you to the first issue of Mama Ye! Online Newsletter for 2015, with a focus on the newborn baby.