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MamaYe Club Heroes and Heroines

For Pinda Primary School, one of the clubs in Mchinji district, the maternal and child health messages has been taken to a new level. One of the strategies at the school’s club in 2014 was to reach out to those girls who dropped out of school due to pregnancy; bring them back and turn them into MamaYe Advocates.

Making All Voices Count: call for proposals to amplify citizens' voice

Making All Voices Count runs a rolling grant programme, funding innovative projects that bring together citizens, government, the private sector, tech actors and civil society to find new solutions to governance challenges in Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

Maternal Health in a Time of Ebola

MamaYe's Fatou Wurie discusses her experiences of maternal health care in Sierra Leone with Amnesty International.

Empowering Chiderezi Community

The people of Chidelezi community in the Traditional Authority Kawamba, Kasungu led by the safe motherhood taskforce volunteers have defied all odds by constructing a simple village clinic which will greatly help the communities by handling basic minor illnesses and antenatal services.

Who's Responsible for the Maternal Health of Young People

Who is accountable for the young woman dying during childbirth in a rural hospital in Edingeni, Mzimba? For the woman in a health center in Mayani in Dedza? For the young mother in a rural home in Malombe in Mangochi? A girl child raped while coming from school, elsewhere in Chididi, Nsanje? Who is accountable for the women and adolescent girls in a thousand places elsewhere in Malawi?