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What we learned at the Financing the Future conference in Accra last week

Last week we attended the Financing the Future conference organised by the Overseas Development Institute and African Centre for Economic Transformation in Accra, Ghana. Here are some of our key take-aways from the conference.

A multi-stakeholder approach to health budget advocacy

We attended an inspiring workshop in Harare organised by Harmonisation for Health Africa, the World Health Organisation and others to get different types of stakeholders from the same country in the same room so they could agree together on a health budget advocacy plan.

Transparency must be core to future financing for development

Many AHBN members may be focused on influencing the content of the Sustainable Development Goals' future health goal – currently worded as “ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing”. But what if we also tried to influence the rules of the budgeting process, trying to achieve greater transparency and public participation?

What role for civil society in the future Global Financing Facility?

The Global Financing Facility will channel both domestic and external funds toward maternal and child health, in line with the next Global Strategy for women and children. Our strength in influencing this process lies in sourcing contributions and opinions from you, our members.

Youth Say No to Early Teenage Pregnancy

On Saturday 14th March, Bright Light Youth Empowerment hosted a seminar on teenage pregnancy, rape and Ebola stigmatisation at the National Youth Commission in Freetown.