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10 Reasons Why Hospital is Safe in Times of Ebola

MamaYe engaged the Medical Superintendent of Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, Dr. A.P. Koroma. He explained why the hospital is safe for mothers and newborns and encouraged pregnant women to use the services.

Health coalition laments backpedalling on promises to Buhari

Health coalition is asking Buhari to look into existing interventions on maternal and child health, and to prioritise commitments made to improve family planning uptakes to improve the health of mothers and babies.

Senior Chief Kaomba Says 21

The new Malawi Marriage Divorce and Family Relations bill has put the age limit to enter into marriage at ‘not below eighteen years old’. But Senior Chief Kaomba of Kasungu has other ideas. Among other efforts to curb maternal deaths in his area, the senior chief is advocating for 21 years as a proper age for marriage in his area.


Patuma Alick has a positive story to tell from a-not-so-positive experience. MamaYe campaigns to encourage women to attend antenatal clinic on time and regularly. Patuma recalled how she lost her three babies and hence thought this is a very good campaign. She’s now a member of the committee.

Maternal and newborn survival - act of God vs role of man

How champions of maternal and newborn health in Ondo State and the government of the State have shown that heaven helps only those who help themselves to ensure that pregnant women and newborns survive