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Innovation and Scaling Competitions Now Open

The County Innovation Challenge Fund is a three-year grant fund, funded by the U.K. Department for International Development supporting the Government of Kenya’s efforts to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality. Round one closes on 31st May 2015; Round two closes on 31st July 2015.

When we are on a mission that generates champions, we all win

Maybe it is not easy to step into the shoes of a writer. My mission is to invite these colleagues of mine to feel comfortable stepping into my shoes as well, while they keep theirs on, which in turn will inspire them to step into the shoes of a pregnant mother and a baby, premature baby, a still born…

Covering Children from Malaria

Harriet Makwetta: A dreamer with a quest for excellence who turned into a champion for mothers and babies

I got the idea to write this article at 4: am in the morning, I had to accompany my neighbor to a health centre because she was in labour.

“Thank you MamaYe”, says Koinadugu District Medical Officer

This blog reports on the Maternal Death Review (MDR) committee meeting that was recently held at the Kabala government hospital. It highlights key achievements since the establishment of the national MDR committee in 2009.

The untold story of Krutor community: after 40 years they now have a health facility, owned and built by the community

The people of Krutor in Koinadugu district have built a Community Health Post that "is 100% owned by the people". Now the women of Krutor can access maternal health services nearer their homes.

The economic and social impacts of maternal death

Young People Take Safe Clinic Messages to Market Women in Bonthe District

Young people have taken the lead in disseminating safe clinic messages to market women in Matru Jong, Bonthe District.

Local voices go global through Citizens' Hearings

“Much as it was somewhat challenging to be targeted by a barrage of questions and demands from the citizens, this has been an eye opener for me as I learned a lot about people’s perspectives and expectations, government position and my role in finding solutions for the survival of our mothers and babies.”

MNH Coalition stops National Health Partners' Summit for a moment!

Members of the MamaYe Advocacy Coalition momentarily stopped the 2015 National Health Partners' Summit to demand game-changing interventions to address preventable maternal and newborn deaths.