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Clean Surrounding Ensures Clean Birth

As the Clean Birth Campaign is slowly gaining momentum, Likuni Boys MamaYe Club, from Likuni Boys Secondary School in Lilongwe City, had a cleaning exercise in and around Likuni Mission Hospital. This outreach activity was organized in order to clean the rooms, walls, floors and drains around the maternity ward at the hospital.

Activist who vents action for maternal, newborn health in Bauchi

Individuals are stepping forward to hold the guardians of the State's health system to account. In women, men and the young and growing, you will hear the passion in their voices and see the evidence on their faces as they stand up to demand health rights for pregnant women and newborns. It is all about taking action one way or the other.

Journalists Vow to Advocate for Improved Maternal and Newborn Health Outcomes

MamaYe’s recent media engagement in Freetown brought together media practitioners to highlight their important role in advocating for improved maternal and newborn health in Sierra Leone.

Bold Belinda shines her bright light on maternal & newborn health

She is forthright, firm and fair. She is bright and bold. She is simple and sensitive. Above all, she leads. These are but a few of the adjectives used to describe the genial Dr. Belinda Afriyie Nimako by residents of South Dayi and her colleagues.

Womens International Conference 2015

The Womenaire Society will be launching the "Vertical Influence " program aimed at women looking to develop and expand in the 2020 workforce by focusing on entrepreneurial, networking and leadership skills, progress at corporate level, and those in transition in their careers.

Technical Corner: The tax scam vocabulary

A lot of advocacy is concentrating on making the global tax system fairer, so that low-income African countries can raise revenues to spend on important priorities, like health.

What will the Global Financing Facility actually do?

The Global Financing Facility for Women and Children released their business plan on the 17 May 2015. Read on to find out all you need to know about how this new fund for reproductive, maternal, newborn child and adolescent health will actually operate in practice.

What should you be asking your governments for in July 2015?

As the Financing for Development conference draws near, think tanks are releasing their latest evidence about what we should be asking our governments to sign up to. Budget Bites has laid out the key facts you should know about health financing needs and how to meet them.

Ebola Fund Watch: Tracking funds for the Ebola crisis in West Africa

The recent spread of the Ebola virus resulted in many donations for the various countries affected by the virus. A website visualising all funds allocated to fight Ebola in West Africa has been set up, which shows that only 67% of the required $1.51 billion have been raised as of April 2015.

Celebrating the life saving contribution of blood donors on World Blood Donor Day

14 June every year is World Blood Donor Day. This is a day set aside by the World Health Organization to celebrate voluntary blood donors and recognise their valuable life saving contribution to society. Don’t hesitate, donate today.